Best Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles

Best Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles

Creativity and experimentation seem to go hand-in-hand with each other. In fact, where there is creativity there is constant experimentation and in order to be able to experiment and invent one needs to be creative. This principle applies to any field, right from science to engineering to fashion designing and hair styling.

In fact, the secret of good hairstylist is there ability to use the same technique to give the client a unique look. Actually, what this means is that one has the ability to confidently experiment, making the client feel comfortable. And surely the outcome will always be satisfying. To get into specifics, a hairstylist can have a way with their scissors when it comes to the layered hairstyles.

There is not limit to the amount of experimentation that can go in. And now people are all the more ready to try out something unique, because they know that within a couple of months the hair will anyways grow out and they can try a new style in no time, just in case they do not like it. Earlier people used to go for a complete makeover probably once in a few years or then maybe once in a decade.

But now, people are more ready to try out new styles and lengths. Before going any further one needs to understand what exactly are haircuts layered. Essentially it is term used to denote a style cut in layers, the shortest layer being in front or on top with the length being longer towards the end or the back. This style can be distinguished as:

  • Long layered haircuts
  • Medium layered haircuts
  • Bob layered haircuts
  • Short layered haircuts

There is another way of classifying the layered women haircuts – the one where the layers begin with the fringe or bangs in front and the other where the layers begin at the lower end. Those with scanty hair on top and broad forehead need more layers on top, and that too shorter layers that will provide volume on top.

Similarly if the bottom half of the hair grows scantily, then more layers are required there too. Another form of classification is the long and short layers. The long layers are those where not too many layers are given to the client and the first layer may or not be the fringe or bangs, but otherwise there are no more than three to four layers.

On the other end short layers imply many layers, where the first top layer may just be three to four inches long, with tapering ends. This can be done for those with short and long hair. The layered haircut is also known as the step cut, as the hair is cut in what hairdressers call – steps. This style can be done on any type of hair, but stands best on wavy hair. Where poker straight hair is concerned the layers do not seem to stand to well.

They in fact fall flat and one is required to use some products to create waves and add volume to the hair. People with long curly hair can also opt for the layered style, though they should longer layers starting somewhere below the ears. Apart from the cuts, stylists and hairdressers also experiment with the hair colors.

Usually the stylists recommend the use of two to three colors – one base color and two shades for streaking, especially for the haircuts layered medium length. Some people go ahead and use four to five colors, of which one would be a vibrant color such as red, blue, green, strawberry crush, etc. This makes the layers seem more distinct and attractive.

Opting for a step cut can be lots of fun, because of the variety one can do with their hair, which ranges from something sober to something eye-catching. In fact, sometimes one does need a drastic make over.