Best Medium Haircuts and Hairstyles

Best Medium Haircuts and Hairstyles

When defining sizes, heights, lengths and other measurements, generally speaking we tend to place everything in three broadcasted categories – large, medium and small; or long, medium and short. While we all understand what are the benchmarks for the two extremes of the scale, it is the middle one that seems fuzzy for many. Well, to cut a clear picture where hair length is concerned, the medium length haircuts refers to two inches above the shoulder going down to two inches below the shoulders.

Most women maintain this length of hair, which many say is neither too long, nor too short. And yet one can be creative with the styles, especially the haircuts layered medium length. In fact, for the more trendy haircuts, yet maintaining length this is the best measurement of hair one should maintain. However, if the hair texture is too thin or too fine then one should ideally not grow the hair to the length going below the end of the back of the neck. Because anything longer than that will make the hair look wiry.

And those with very thick hair – wavy or curly should grow their hair long. This is because those with thick and tight curls end up looking like golliwog with the hair just reaching down to the shoulders. With longer hair the curls seem to fall in place easily.

Medium hairstyles range from the simple one-level cut. This style provides volume to the hair. It is simple and easy to maintain. One can also play with various clips and hair bands, without strands jumping around or slipping out. In fact with the one length hair cut one can either have their hair straightened out or then opt for a spiral perm. However, if either styling method is opted for one then needs to take a lot of care and use the appropriate products.

Another benefit of the one length hair is that it tends to look sophisticated. Especially when the hair is parted in the middle and gelled back. One can have the hair tied in a ponytail or in a bun with a flower fixed. This style can be worn at the office or even on a casual day out.

Another of the haircuts for medium length hair is the u-cut. Basically with this cut the back of the hair looks like the letter U. One can opt for bangs or a short fringe, falling over the forehead, with this cut; or then maintain longer length of the front hair, having the U begin from the hair just below the ears. This is also an easy to maintain hairstyle. It looks rather nice when left open. In fact to make it look all the more attractive one can have the ends colored – one inch.

In the last couple of years the step-cut or the layered medium haircuts seem to be the in-thing. However, the hairdresser needs to be careful when giving this cut, because sometimes with too many layers on top, the ends tend to look wiry. And in case there are more layers below then the top part of the hair may just fall flat. This hairstyle can be combed with a simple pin, or then styles with the use of styling gel or mousse. However, typically most maintain this hairstyle with the scruffy look.

The strands are made to fall all over the place. There is something distinctively attractive about a few strands falling over the face, or out of the sides. While for some the scuffled wind-blown look comes on its own, for others, they need to make an effort by pulling out strands from here and there.