Electro-Acupuncture Is As Effective As Tricyclic Anti-Depressant For Treating Depression

Electro-Acupuncture Is As Effective As Tricyclic Anti-Depressant For Treating Depression

Recently whilst researching into the health benefits of electro-acupuncture, i came across a very interesting study that i thought i should share on the blog for our readers, especially those suffering from depression.

The clinical research found that the natural alternative therapy electro-acupuncture is as effective as a certain tricyclic anti-depressant medication for treating depression.

The study claimed that “Preliminary clinical research has shown that EA(electro-acupuncture) treatment is as effective as amitriptyline for patients with depression.”

The results of the first double blind study, led to them conducting a second multi-centered collaborative study, in which 241 inpatients with depression were recruited.

Both studies confirmed that “The therapeutic efficacy of electro-acupuncture was equal to that of amitriptyline for depressive disorder.”

Not only did the studies find that electro-acupuncture was as effective as amitriptyline, they found that “Electro-acupuncture had a better therapeutic effect for anxiety somatization and cognitive process disturbance of depressed patients than amitriptyline.”

Scientific research Slot Casino88 is now confirming that the key to many of acupuncture’s health benefits is from its excellent ability to balance the autonomic nervous system and regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation has been well documented in the pathophysiology of many health conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Another huge advantage was that electro-acupuncture was found to have significantly less side-effects than tricylic anti-depressants. Electro-acupuncture was considered a treatment choice for those unable to comply with the classic tricyclic anti-depressant medications due to the anticholinergic side effects.

Tricyclic anti-depressants come with a long list of potential side effects including dry mouth, increased sweating, disorientation, confusion, conspitation, blurry vision, orthostatic hypotension(dizziness upon standing), erectile/sexual dysfunction, increase in seizures in people with epilepsy, tremors, urinary retention, drowsiness and often increased appetite leading to weight gain.

As the scientific research has confirmed, safe, proven natural alternative therapies such as electro-acupuncture may hold great potential in treating depression.