Laser Hair Removal Equipments

Laser Hair Removal Equipments

There are various Laser Hair Removal equipments available in the market and the selection of a machine is based on the variety of factors including the skin type. There are some systems that are not 100% safe for specific skin types. Using these system leads to various side effects such as burning or skin discoloration. In case of robust skin that can stand higher laser fluencies, you can use the lasers for producing better long term results.

Some of the commonly used machines for laser hair removal are as follows.

Laser Hair Removal EquipmentsLaser Type NdYag

This laser hair removal machines is successful for darker skin types with minimal risk. As they are designed to safeguard the dark skin from the side effects like blistering, they are considerable less effective on fine hair. It is not recommended for the white skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) “Lasers”

It is based on the same concept as laser however it is not a laser. They are successful IPL laser machines that can be used for many skin types. They are difficult to operate as compared to laser but they can give results in all types of skin. The success of this machine depends on the experience as well as the talent of the laser operator.

Laser Type Alexandrite

Alexandrite laser hair removal systems are designed to be highly effective for dark-haired patients with white-skin. It is not recommended for the persons with darker skin.

Diode Lasers

The Diode laser hair removal machines are ideal for white-skinned patients and are effective on other skin types. The results obtained with these systems are not effective.

Ruby Laser Machines

These machines are suitable for white skin and they give good results in long term hair removal treatment. They are a bit old fashioned and less effective as compared to newer laser hair removal machines.