Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Every Hair Type

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Every Hair Type

The shorter they are the easier to manage. The longer they are the more that needs to be managed. And the better managed they are the better groomed and more hygienic one looks. Seems like a riddle doesn’t it? Well, then go ahead and guess what is being spoken about here. Okay, no prizes for the correct answer – Hair. Yes, the subject being dealt with here is the human being’s crowning glory. But more specifically, the center of discussion is short haircuts.

This is not only about men, but short haircuts for women and children too. The prime reason why everybody maintains short hair is because it is easy to maintain, and one does not have spend too much time styling products to have their hair set in place.

Instead of the expensive hair products for long hair maintenance, there is a range of the cheaper lot, which are good, too. Also, as most would agree the actual expenses on short hair is lower than what is spent on long hair because of the quantity of the product – shampoo and conditioner – needed to be used. So short female haircuts are very much in demand.

For children – boys and girls – the best option is cute short haircuts that are easy to manage. In fact, for boys there is so much that can be done where variety and variation in hair style is concerned. Especially when using the razor cuts. There could be the trendy crew cuts, typically famous with the navy and air force personnel.

The air is cropped very short and from the back of the neck upwards it is a graduated razor style, as though there is just a stubble growth. Round the ears too the hair is shaved off. This gives a neat look and shows so much of the growing boy’s innocent face.

Where young girls are concerned, the popular styles are the bobs and short haircuts that just goes less than a centimeter below the ears. Girls look sweet with this hairstyle, especially those with round faces.

And with this cut they can still wear their colorful hair bands as well as the hair clips. And to add to the final doll-like-look is the little ringed-earrings or loops. Otherwise there is also what is known as the boy-cut, which is the short layered style. This is again is easy to maintain. However, if it is cut too short then the child cannot wear clips.

For the young ladies there is far more to opt for where short haircuts are concerned. There are the wild and wind blown hairstyles that are very trendy and meant for those who have a free-wheeling spirit. It is the cut for those who have the wild and adventurous streak in them. For the more serious lot there are the classic bob haircuts. And then who can forget the signature Lady Diana cut, which till date many people actually ask for.

Ladies who have rather long hair and opting for short haircut styles should advisably go short in steps and stages. They should take at least three sitting before they reach the final short length. This is because for those used to the long hair, may not find it all that easy to adjust to the new cropped look. And not only that but people around them also would be rather shocked and their immediate reaction may not go down too well with the person. Hence, whenever a client with long hair demands a drastic change, ask them to go slow.

Men! They always look best with short hair that does not fall all over their face, as is not what the models and actors prefer to believe. According to them it’s the long, muffled look. Well, that may look good, but only temporarily. However, a woman always prefers a man with the neat cut. Again the cut has to be determined by the texture of the hair.

Certain styles fall well with straight and silky hair, but would end up making one look like golliwog if their hair is too curled and wiry. Thus, the hairdresser needs to take into account the kind of hair the client has, and accordingly cut the hair short.