Medium Length Haircuts and Hairstyles, We’re Loving Right Now

Medium Length Haircuts and Hairstyles, We're Loving Right Now

Most women are most comfortable with hair of a manageable length. While some may opt for the short hair cut in steps or then the classic bob cut, others would opt for haircuts for medium length hair. Something that is anywhere between two inches above the shoulders to three inches below the shoulders. This length, for many, is easy to maintain, as long as the style is not too complex.

There are various styles of medium length haircuts. It all depends on the face cut, as well as the ability to carry off the style well. The one style that goes with almost any face shape, or as is defined in the beauty industry – face cut – is the one layer haircuts medium length. This is also known as the one level hair cut, where every strand of hair is of uniform length.

This is easy to manage and can be combed into various styles depending on the occasion. One can maintain middle or side parting, or even the crooked parting. Another aspect of this haircut style is that since the hair is in one length, even those with scanty and thin hair growth can maintain medium length hair. Those with very silky hair texture should ideally maintain this style, as anything else seems to go unnoticed on their hair because the hair tends to fall flat.

Then there are the medium length defined layers haircuts. One option is the two layered hair cut for medium length hair. In this style one is given a fringe or bangs that fall on the forehead and the rest of the hair is of one length. The style or length of the fringe varies according to the client’s face cut.

Usually people with a broad forehead are given a thicker fringe, and something that touches the eyebrows so as to cover the forehead. Those with a smaller forehead are given lesser hair in the bangs. And shorter ones for that matter!

Then there is the option of three layers. This may include the fringe or bangs, or then three layers at the end to give the hair some style. When tying up this style it looks nice, especially with the hair can be ruffled and strands falling in messy way. There is something rather attractive in the slightly messy look. And otherwise there is the option for the multiple layers or steps.

Those with scanty or thin hair on top require more layers and steps there so as to give volume. This is an easy style to maintain as one does not need to use a comb or hair brush, as such, but just simply run their fingers through in a way that the hair seems voluminous. The layers can be continued right down to the end of the hair.

However, too many layers can look rather unkempt and difficult to manage on a windy day out. Also, if the steps are too short in front then one cannot pin them up. So, one should opt for a style that would suit their general lifestyle, and one that they are comfortable managing.

Then another common medium length hairstyles is the u-cut. This is also the lower layer cut. However, the difference between the layered haircut and the u-cut is that the layers are on top, whereas with the other cut it is cut in the shape of the letter U round the edges, giving the hair at the back that entire shape, and so the name. It was after this style that hairdressers began experimenting with the modern day layered styles.