Why is an Nd:Yag Laser Used For Hair Removal?

Why is an Nd:Yag Laser Used For Hair Removal?

The Nd Yag long pulse laser is very effective in removing the hairs on all types of skin safely. It can also be used in the tanned skin. Some of the advantages include its fast repetition rates and large coverage areas that permit the treatment of large body areas quickly. Patients might feel discomfort during the procedure which will disappears soon. It is also useful in removing hairs in people with light or fine hair.

Laser Hair Removal – Nd YagNd Yag Laser is effective for all types of skin (type I to type VI) as per Fitzpatrick Skin Type. Its efficacy on darker and tanned skin is proven and it can be recommended in person with darkly pigmented skin.

There are many studies that show the efficacy of these lasers in preventing growth of hairs for prolonged duration in treated areas. It can treat the larger boy areas rapidly. Apart from these benefits, Nd Yag comes with few side effects as well.

This laser is not effective on light or white hair as compared to other lasers. In case of fine hair, it is less effective and more painful. It may lead to scars, burns, skin discoloration, redness, and swelling. Moreover, it has not been effective in achieving the long term results.

The different types Nd Yag Laser Devices Available in the market includes Medlite IV, Varia, CoolGlide, Athos, Lyra, and Image. The specifications of Nd Yag Laser includes Wavelength of 1064 nm, Repetition rate Up to 10 Hz, Pulse width upto 10-50 ms, Spot size of 3-5 mm and Fluence of 20-100.

YAG laser is comparatively new technique of laser hair removal that can work on all types of skin including even tanned skin and darker skin. It scores above other lasers in this area and it also gives good results in light skin.